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Tatra Pictures

This is a selection of Tatra pictures aquired through the passage of time which remain the property of the author. They may be used for personal use and for desktop wallpaper but may not be distributed or used on any other web sites without the author's express permission . These pictures are quite large, so be prepared for long downloading times Click on each thumbnail to get to the full size picture.

Tatra Badge, 3D Studio generated solid model.

Streamliners lined up at Brooklands.

Front row left to right then back: T12, T30, T87, T600, T603, T613, T603x2 on the famous banking at Brooklands.

A split window Beetle and early Type 1 Karman Ghia sit with T87 and T600.

It looks black, but it's a blue 603 about to try the Test Hill at Brooklands.

With this many wheels it might as well have tracks.... T815 racing truck.

Rare 602 Tatraplan Sport.

Tatra 603 battling with Aston Martin DB4 in the Michel Vaillant story by Jean Graton.

This is the happy face of a T54.

Smart looking 603 with optional flags to keep the police away.

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